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About Viva Dental Wellness

At Viva Dental Wellness, we strive to provide a personalized and next level experience for each and every one of our valued patients, tailored to meet their needs and goals as it relates to their comfort, dental & oral heath, general health, lifestyle and time.

Dentistry With You In Mind

We believe in offering dental care in a manner that not only provides high quality service, but puts emphasis on the experiential needs of the patients. Instead of just putting emphasis on efficiency, getting patients treated within a window of time that does NOT foster rapport and trust between the patient and the provider, we focus on creating trust and meeting the emotional needs of our patients.

Our patients see our dedication to their experience as soon as placing their first phone call to our clinic. Our highly trained and caring team has been chosen based on their ability to lead compassionate, service-based interactions with our patients, and competent, reliable care.

Our commitment to your best health outcomes does not end with our team. In fact, our clinic has been designed to reflect a tangible commitment to patient comfort. Upon entering our clinic, our clients enjoy refreshments in our bright and open concept waiting lounge, where our goal is to avoid the claustrophobic elements that can accompany waiting areas in some busy clinics, where anxiety can be compounded by limited personal space, distraction and noise.

Upon entering the clinical space, patients are welcomed into their private treatment suite. These private and comfortable suites, which are considerably more spacious than conventional treatment operatories, are fully enclosed to offer confidentiality , privacy and quietness to our clients.

Your time with our dental professionals is never cut short. We always allocate additional time for each of our appointments to ensure adequate time for our patients to ask questions or share concerns with their dentist. In addition to extended appointment times, our patients can take advantage of our complimentary “Oral Health & Wellness Assessment”. This time is used to discuss the patients’ Dental, Oral Health and Medical Health history, their personal health and dental goals, and to outline how Viva can help design a long-term care program that will meet or exceed their needs and expectations. We see our role as your trusted “Oral Health and Wellness” advisor, and help you understand how it impacts your overall health. In order to ensure that this standard is continuously met, Viva Dental Wellness is committed to working with a very limited number of active patients each year.

Soothing ambiance of the waiting area at our contemporary dental clinic
Friendly dental staff at work in our Windermere, Edmonton clinic
Edmonton's premier dental clinic in Windermere

Patient Privacy & Confidentiality

Busy waiting rooms, crowded check-out spaces, open treatment areas can compromise patients’ privacy and confidentiality.
At Viva Dental Wellness we have taken many steps to design a clinic that can truly offer patient confidentiality and privacy.
In addition to our private treatment suites and private exit door, our patients can take advantage of our private consult room, where they can ask questions, make payments, and book follow-up appointments in confidence before leaving our clinic.
Also, upon completion of each visit, our patients are offered anesthetic reversal which helps in faster return of feeling to their face and lips, allowing them to move forward with their daily activities without the awkward sensation of being “numb”.

Your Partner in Oral & Dental Health

At Viva Dental Wellness, our goal is to offer every one of our patients an exceptional experience each and every time. We believe that great patient experiences result in long-term & trust-based relationships, which is necessary for achieving the best Oral & Dental Health. We see our role as your trusted “Oral Health and Wellness” advisor and We are proud to be a part of your health care team.

If you have questions about the services offered by Viva Dental Wellness, please contact our clinic and speak with one of our friendly team members.

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