How Can I Find the Best Dentist in Edmonton?

How Can I Find the Best Dentist in Edmonton?

May 17, 2022

If you’re new to Edmonton dental clinics, you’ve got a lot to consider. With so many dentists in Edmonton, it’s most important to first decide what the best dental clinic means to you before choosing. Taking time to consider your thoughts on the matter can assist you in targeting the right provider for your specific needs – after all, you don’t want to go to just any dentist in Edmonton, even if you only see them for dental checkups.

Should My Dentist Be Near Me?

Whether you need a dentist to be near you or not may come down to a number of factors including schedule, ability to commute, frequency of visits, and skill of the dentist if you are looking for a particular specialty. If you have the ability to travel and your schedule permits, you may be most comfortable with a particular dental practice – even if it requires a little more time to get there.

Your Choice Dentist In South Edmonton

Viva Dental Wellness is a family dentist in south Edmonton serving patients from across Edmonton and its surrounding area. We are among general dentists in Windermere offering a range of services from tooth-saving procedures (like root canals) to cosmetic dentistry (like teeth whitening). But while there are many dentists in Windermere, we endeavor to provide our patients with a superior experience.

If your plan to see a dentist in southside Edmonton leads you to Viva Dental Wellness, you can expect a relaxed and supportive experience regardless of the service you are receiving. We work with our patients to ensure that, both, their long-term and short-term dental goals are supported in the work that we do in our private treatment suites. These suites decrease any distracting noises from other treatment areas while offering maximum patient privacy. As a family dentist in Edmonton, we consider it our privilege to serve patients of any age, and we work to be seen as the best dentist in Edmonton in the eyes of those we serve.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a dentist in south Edmonton or the north, these questions may assist you in choosing the very best dentist.

What Are Their Hours?

What are the hours of service offered by your dental clinic? Do they offer early or late appointments to accommodate your schedule if required?

What Services Do They Provide?

While most general dentists offer similar services, some dental clinics do not offer services like dental implants. If you are interested in a particular service, ask the potential clinic whether the work could be done in-house. If your dentist does not offer the service you require, he or she may refer you to another dentist who does, while supporting your aftercare.

What Are Their Ratings And Reviews Saying?

Family dentists in Edmonton are helping families maintain a positive relationship with their oral health – but some dentists may be a better fit for you than others. That’s why we recommend considering (but not relying upon) patient clinic reviews.  If a family clinic is important to you, it could be because pediatric patients will age-out of some practices. If you expect to have a long-term relationship with your dental clinic, look for reviews from long-term clients to see why they stay! Is your schedule extremely tight? Then it will be important to choose a clinic whose patients can vouch for them staying on schedule.

How Will They Handle My Anxiety?

If you or your child regularly experiences anxiety during dental appointments, you should inquire about what methods of sedation are available at your prospective dental clinic. While some patients with anxiety just need a little extra time settling in, others can be overcome by their anxiety which prevents successful procedures. In this case, your dental practice may offer oral sedation methods to support your level of comfort and relaxation during your time in the chair. Your dentist will not be surprised if you express concerns about anxiety, since dental anxiety is a common occurrence in the field of dentistry. Opening a dialogue about how to best support you through your time in the dental chair will increase your trust in the process and facilitate a more efficient procedure.

Viva Dental Wellness is your choice dentist in south Edmonton when you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, private treatment areas, and a dental team that prioritizes your oral health. Your oral health doesn’t just affect your teeth and gums – it can impact your health systemically. We partner with our patients to understand their overall wellness profile and how we can contribute to your health through expert oral care. We welcome new patients and the opportunity to show you why Viva Dental Wellness should be your family dentist in Edmonton. Call our clinic today to schedule a consultation with a member of our skilled team. We look forward to seeing you!

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