How do you deal with severe tooth pain?

How do you deal with severe tooth pain?

February 9, 2023

Tooth pain occurs due to trauma or infection when the nerve inside the pulp of the tooth is inflamed. Sometimes, trauma to the teeth can cause a crack in the tooth without the knowledge of the patient. Some time later, once bacteria has entered the tooth, a toothache can arrive on the scene seemingly out of nowhere.

In other cases, a dental cavity has burrowed through the enamel and the dentin and has entered the inner core of the tooth. This may result in an abscess at the tip of the tooth’s root. The way that your dentist corrects your infection will depend on the cause, location and severity of the condition.

When you have a dental infection, we at Viva Dental Wellness in Edmonton consider it a dental emergency. Since the teeth can spread infection into the blood stream and to other areas of the body causing sepsis, it is important that you call your dentist in south Edmonton as soon as possible to explain your symptoms. Delaying could result in difficulty finding a dentist after hours, requiring you to seek an emergency dental clinic in Windermere.

Do I Need The Best Dental Clinic Near Me Or Just A Dentist Near Me?

When you are in pain, you won’t want to waste any time reading reviews online to determine where to be seen. You are in the midst of a dental emergency, and like an emergency room at the hospital, you will likely not be able to choose your dentist. Nonetheless, it should comfort you to know that all dentists in Alberta receive the same generalist training and they can be counted on to help you when you’re in trouble. While you might have preferences about who you see as your regular dentist, you’ll want to suspend those concerns until your infection has been treated. You’ll have lots of time to research the best dental clinic and the best dentist in Edmonton once your pain has subsided and your condition has been addressed.

In some cases, your dental clinic in Edmonton may not be able to see you on the day of your emergency. This can occur if more than one emergency appointment has required accommodation in the schedule that day. In this case, your dentist may recommend that you see them first thing the following day, or they may ask you to see another dentist in Windermere for your emergency.

Dealing With Tooth Pain

Managing tooth pain can be difficult, since the nerves in our teeth can be so sensitive. If you find that you are tasting discharge from the infection, warm salt water rinses can help to flush the bad taste from the mouth and keep bacteria count down. If you have a pimple on your gums, this is called a pustule. If the pustule bursts before your Windermere dentist sees it, don’t worry. Simply continue to rinse your mouth with saline. If the pressure of the pustule was making your pain worse, you may find some degree of relief if it ruptures but do not pop the pustule on your own. Your emergency dentist may decide to drain the infection with local anesthetic as part of your treatment.

As a family dentist in Edmonton, we recommend that our patients look primarily to ice packs or packs of frozen vegetables to help them with their pain. While ibuprofen may not help on its own, an anti-inflammatory combined with an ice-pack on the outside of the cheek can take the edge off of the discomfort.

When icing your cheek, be sure to use a cloth as a barrier to prevent damaging your skin and take a break every 15 minutes or so to let your cheek warm to body temperature again.

Try Clove Oil

Cloves contain a chemical called eugenol, which has been used in the treatment of dental infections for over one hundred years. This oil is available in the essential oil area of your drug or health food stores, pharmacies, and general grocers in Edmonton. The oil has a pungent smell and taste that you may associate with some classic Christmas scents. When applied at the site of the infection, the oil provides a mild numbing effect. Clove oil is a safe method of managing tooth pain but should not replace treatment by a dentist in southside Edmonton.

If you are unsure of whether you require an emergency dental appointment, contact your regular dental clinic to explain your symptoms and get their recommendation. Your dental clinic has your oral health in mind and will provide reliable advice relative to your condition. If you have a toothache and it disappears all at once, your infection has likely killed the tooth. Continue to seek emergency treatment.

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