Tips for Finding the Right Dentist In South Edmonton

Tips for Finding the Right Dentist In South Edmonton

January 6, 2022

Breaking the myth, there’s not one dentist that works for everyone. Some are experienced in handling dental emergencies, while others would help you with Invisalign treatment because of special expertise. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to find a dentist that addresses all your needs and keeps you calm even in the dentist’s chair.

If you’ve recently moved to Edmonton, you might have a hard time locating the nearest dental clinic in Edmonton. Although finding the best dentist in south Edmonton can be a little tricky, doing it as early as possible is the only way to take care of your dental health.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Best Dentist In Edmonton?

Not everyone cares enough for their oral health, especially when it comes to visiting a dentist. From regular dental checkups to dental emergencies, visiting a dentist can save you from your biggest nightmares. Whether it’s something minor like toothachetooth pain, or a severe dental emergency, only a dentist promises your oral health in good shape and state.

If you’ve looking for a new dentist, spending a few minutes to find the right dentist for your oral health isn’t a bad idea.

Besides location and price, let’s see what other factors determine if you’re making the right decision to choose the best dental clinic.

1. Ask People Around You

The best way to find a genuine dentist’s suggestion for a new dentist is by asking your friends and family. Despite the difference in dental needs, you can be lucky to find a dentist with personal recommendations.

Moreover, you can also have a short talk with your friends and family, clearing most of your doubts about the dentist in Edmonton. If everything goes fine, a short appointment with the dentist can help you with further assurance of your decision.

2. Consider Location

Location plays a significant role in determining if visiting the dental clinic for dental checkups or dental emergencies will be convenient for you.

As a good rule of thumb, it’s best to choose a dental clinic in Edmonton that’s close to your workplace or home. Because of this, you can make regular visits to the dental clinic at any time of the day, especially in dental emergencies.

3. Address The Right Dental Needs

Addressing your dental needs to the right dentist is as important as anything else. When looking for a new dentist, it’s always a good idea to evaluate the level of dental care service you’ll get.

Also, anticipate your needs and check if the dentist is the right fit to handle your dental care in the present or the future. For example, if you’re planning for teeth whitening or getting wisdom teeth removal done, a general dentist is a good option for you.

If you want one to look after your dental emergencies, choose an emergency dentist. No matter which dentist you choose, make sure to have regular dental checkups with proper teeth cleaning and whitening every once in a while.

4. Compare Price

Price is obviously a significant factor in determining how many dental appointments would cost you. If you’re looking for a dentist in south Edmonton, you’re in luck as most dental clinics in Edmonton offer very affordable dental plans.

From teeth whitening, teeth cleaning to wisdom teeth removal or any other serious dental emergency, dentist in Edmonton get you covered.

For the patient’s ease, most dental clinics also have insurance plans that allow patients to pay for their dental appointments. This is actually more convenient than the clinic as you won’t have to skip dental checkups to save a few dollars.

However, it’s best to check the individual charges of each dental service and be clear about what you need. For example, teeth whitening and teeth cleaning is cheaper than heavy dental procedures such as wisdom teeth removal.

5. Book Your First Appointment

After you’ve inquired everything about the dentist, it’s time to book your first appointment with the dentist and ask other questions.

Whether you’re looking for a dentist for children or a family dentist, it’s best to be clear about your dental needs.

If it’s your first time choosing a dentist, having a rough checklist to evaluate different dentists in Edmonton is always helpful.

Here are the following questions:

1. Is the dental clinic’s environment clean, friendly, and well-organized?

2. Is the dentist responsive and friendly to the patients? Does the dentist address your dental needs and suggest the best possible dental solutions?

3. Is the dentist available at late hours and open on weekends? Does the dentist offer special home preventive dental care suggestions such as brushing, flossing, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, etc.?

4. If the dentist practices realistically meets your needs and can adjust the schedule with you.


With these guidelines, you won’t have to surf the web for hours to find the best dentist in south Edmonton. From the moment you step into the dental clinic to the way, the dentist responds to your dental emergency, everything matters.

However, dentists in Edmonton are known for using great dental practices, offering free dental consultations and a unique approach to dental care.

If you’re still in doubts, head on to Viva Dental Wellness in Windermere, Edmonton, and clear all your queries.

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