Safety & Protection

Your Safety, Protection Privacy has always been our top priority. We are committed to providing all our patients with the highest level of safety and quality of care. If you are planning on booking an appointment or if you already have an appointment booked at Viva Dental Wellness, we kindly request you review our Pre-Appointment Questionnaire.

Keeping our commitment to you:

  • All our treatment suites are private, fully enclosed and spacious, to allow for a safe and comfortable visit.
  • We see limited number of patients per day to allow for individualized care with the highest level of attention to each patient.
  • Limited number of patients per day also allows us to have ample time between each appointment to clean and disinfect the treatment room thoroughly, following the recommended guidelines.
  • Maintain a high standard of overall clinic hygiene and cleanliness by regularly cleaning and disinfecting all the surfaces in our non-clinical areas, such as bathrooms, doorknobs, chairs, etc.
  • Routine handwashing and sanitizing throughout the day for all our team members (including our non-clinical staff).
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  • Minimal to no wait-time in our waiting area. We strive to see each patient as soon as they arrive at our clinic and immediately accompany them into their private treatment room.
  • Spacious waiting area to allow for the highest level of comfort and safety.
  • Private exit door to minimize the traffic through our reception & waiting area and to ensure your safety and privacy.
  • Private treatment consult room. For patients with questions that require more personalized attention, or need additional assistance, we will gladly help you in our private consult room.
  • We use the latest technologies available to help improve the efficiency and quality of care, shorten treatment times as much as safely possible without compromising treatment quality (i.e. you spend less unnecessary time at the clinic) and provide a comfortable experience for you.
  • Our commitment to you expands beyond what is highlighted above. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please ask one of our friendly team members at

Additional Precautions:

In addition to the above steps, we have added more strict safety precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak to keep your visit even more safe and comfortable at our clinic. Here are some of the additional measures;

Safety precautions for our patients:

  • If you show any signs or symptoms (such as cough, fever, runny nose) your treatment may be rescheduled to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • All Patients must review our pre-screening questionnaire before visiting the clinic and contact us if any questions.
  • Companions should wait outside the clinic – ONLY essential companions will be allowed into the clinic.
  • Hand-Sanitizers and masks are provided for all patients by Viva Dental Wellness
  • Pre-treatment protocols, such as mouth rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to minimize the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Upon arrival at the clinic, all patients must pass the screening steps before entering the waiting room. These include but are not limited to temperature measurement and COVID-19 Risk Assessment Questionnaire.
  • All aerosol generating procedures are performed in our private fully enclosed treatment suites and under strict guidelines such as expanded PPE (e.g. N95 masks, disposable gowns, hair-covers, protective eyewear, face-shields,..) and High-Volume suction.

Safety precautions for our team members:

  • All our team members/staff are screened daily for any signs or symptoms (such as Fever, Cough, Cold-like symptoms).
  • Practice Social Distancing as much as possible.
  • Pre-Screening of all visitors (such as parcel deliveries) to our clinic and only allowing the people that pass the screening into our clinic.
  • Routinely clean and disinfect all clinical and non-clinical areas.
  • Wear masks and use expanded PPE during aerosol generating procedures.
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Safety precautions in the shared areas:

  • Minimum amount of furniture in our waiting area.
  • Practice social distancing as much as possible.
  • We have removed any unnecessary items from our waiting room and clinical areas.
  • Minimal to No wait-time.
  • Only patients and essential companions are allowed into the clinic.
  • Screening station as soon as you enter the clinic (before entering the waiting room)
  • Aerosol protective barriers in the reception area.
Patient-friendly atmosphere in the reception area of our dental clinic
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