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Botox® Injection in Windermere Edmonton

Maybe you’re considering Botox® injection treatment for the first time in middle age, or maybe you’ve been benefitting from Botox® therapeutic treatment and you’re interested in what it can do cosmetically. Whichever way that you arrive at your interest in Botox® injections, you will be joining millions of people worldwide who continue to benefit greatly from this minimally invasive treatment. Only your dentist or other trained injector can assess your candidacy for these injections, so start your Botox® journey there. Your dentist will help you understand what is possible for you in terms of results and what you can expect in terms of cost.

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Consult Your Dentist

Do you know that dentists in Alberta are the most highly trained injectors of any profession in the world? Your general dentist performs injections as an important part of their daily practice. Since comfortable dentistry relies on a thoroughly anesthetized patient, understanding of the tissues and anatomy of the face and neck is absolutely critical.

Although Botox® and dermal fillers are minimally invasive procedures, risks and potential side effects are still possible. Our advice to patients is to talk to your dentist if you think that you could benefit from Botox® or fillers. Our ability to accurately identify injection points means that you will get the best possible results for your investment with reduced risk of potential side effects. Our injectors have undergone extensive training and are accredited by the Alberta Dental Association. Patients should expect to undergo 3 or 4 rounds of filler injections to see full effect.


Request an appointment online and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note we will respond to online requests as soon as possible during our working hours. If your matter is urgent, we encourage you to give us a call at 780-760-8482. All services provided by a general dentist.

What is Botox®?

Botox® consists of a purified botulinum A protein, known for its neurotoxic effect. These protein molecules intercept the messaging impulses travelling between the nerve and the brain. Without these impulses, muscles fail to contract. For patients whose muscles are chronically tight due to overstimulation of the nerves, including facial twitching, Botox® treatment offers relief from symptoms. Chronically tight jaw muscles can finally relax and relieve headaches and neck pain. Chronically sweaty armpits, hands and feet (hyperhidrosis) can be treated with Botox® injections to decrease profuse sweating and the inherent self-consciousness that it may cause.  More opportunities for treatment continue to be identified, and demand for Botox® injections continues to climb.

Botox® as a Cosmetic Therapy

Botox® became known as a cosmetic service for its ability to relax muscles in the face that contributed to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Wrinkles are part of our skin’s natural aging process, since collagen production slows, and our skin becomes thinner and less elastic. Facial contractions like laughing and frowning can cause deep lines over time which Botox® can alleviate by relaxing the muscles that pull to produce or pronounce those wrinkles.

Dysport vs. Botox®

We offer Dysport® Therapy as an alternative to Botox®. Dysport® touts a faster onset and longer effectiveness than Botox®. A realistic onset period for Dysport® is as little as 3-5 days, and typically lasts longer than Botox®. Botox® patients can expect to see the full effect of the therapy after 2 weeks.

Common Treatment Sites

  • Laugh Lines – Vertical ridges on each side of the mouth
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Frown lines and forehead wrinkles
  • Brow – Lifts the eyebrow
  • Jaw – Botox® is injected to control symptoms of bruxism
  • Back of Head and Neck – For the treatment of migraine headaches
  • Underarm – Stops the overproduction of sweat


While Botox® relaxes muscles and softens wrinkles, dermal fillers can be used to augment features and profile of some areas of the face. Fillers are made of the same thing that 99% of our body’s natural collagen is made from – hyaluronic acid. This substance is injected into the skin to return volume and shape to problem areas of the face, or to enhance particular features. Common injection points include the forehead, or around the mouth to soften lines around the lips. Enhancements of the cheeks are also made possible with fillers, though fillers in patients with loose skin under the eyes is not recommended. With plumper, smoother skin, patients look younger and feel more confident.

We offer competitive pricing as low as $9.00 per unit of Botox® or $600.00 per syringe of filler. Your dentist will assess how many units will produce the results your desire. If you have dental insurance, your therapeutic Botox® injections may be covered. 

For questions about this or other services offered by our general dentist, contact our clinic today.