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Have you always wished you could improve your smile but didn’t know where to start? At Viva dental, we make it our mission to make your dream smile a reality. Our clients are all unique – just like their smiles – for example, some of our clients may prioritize the alignment of their teeth while others prioritize their colouration. No matter your dental goals, we ensure that each of our valued patients feel heard and informed by offering them a consultation with a dentist exclusively to discuss any concerns about their oral health, and their short and long-term dental goals! Thanks to advancements in dentistry and dental technology, there are many ways to transform the look of your smile!

“Make Your Dream Smile a Reality”

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is among the most requested cosmetic services in many dental clinics these days. The desire to achieve whiter teeth has many consumers purchasing whitening products off the drugstore shelf, and not achieving the results they desire. If this is your experience, may we recommend a clinical strength whitening product?

Dental clinics offer stronger bleaching solutions to achieve more results in fewer treatments, and they also offer rehydrating gels which hydrate the tooth’s inner dentin after a whitening treatment to reduce the side-effect of sensitivity. While over-the-counter systems are convenient, they often do not offer an easy way to keep the whitening solution restricted to the teeth. Strips and gels that are applied to the teeth often come into direct contact with the cheeks and gums, causing these sensitive tissues to become irritated and sore. Clinical strength products offer custom dental trays or gum barriers to significantly decrease the impact on the soft tissues of the mouth. For more information on clinical teeth whitening solutions, click here.

Internal Bleaching

In some cases, even clinical strength products will not achieve the desired result by bleaching the outside of the teeth. If you have a tooth that is grey in appearance and does not respond to traditional whitening treatment, it could be an indication of a root canal that was not properly performed. In these instances, the gray colouration is not coming from the dentin under the enamel – rather, it is coming from the inside of the tooth itself. In these cases, discolouration can be improved by bleaching the inside of the tooth.


The procedure is performed by making a small hole in the tooth in order to access its inner chamber where the pulp and nerve of the teeth were found prior to root canal therapy. A small amount of bleaching solution is applied to the core of the tooth and left to bleach it for 1-2 days before removing the solution, cleaning the inner chamber of the tooth, and resealing it with a small filling.


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