How to Find the Best Dental Clinic Near Me?

How to Find the Best Dental Clinic Near Me?

January 12, 2023

Finding a new family dentist in Edmonton is like finding a new doctor – it’s an important decision. These are the professionals that you will partner with in caring for yours and your family’s health. With so many dental clinics available, choosing one can feel overwhelming. But, with the technology available to us today, we often don’t need to leave the house to do the majority of the required research.  First, though, we need to understand our wants and needs as it relates to our dental care.

Consider Your Needs

What are you looking for in a new dentist? Are you looking for the clinical efficiency of a general dentist? If a general dental office feels too transactional in feel, you might consider looking to a family dentist for the first time. At Viva Dental Wellness, we encourage families to reflect on their past experiences with dentists and note what they liked or disliked about them. This offers a place to start.

Do you have a fairly consistent schedule through the week? If so, this will help you determine what business hours will work for your appointments. If you work out of town and are only home on weekends, you’ll want to find a dental clinic in Edmonton with weekend availability. Some clinics open every second Saturday, or one Saturday per month. Be selective about whether this will work for you if weekends are your only availability, since these spots are likely to fill quickly which will require you to schedule your dental appointments far in advance. This is not a problem if you typically only require regular preventative maintenance every six months, but if you suffer from gum disease or have other ongoing dental concerns that need to be followed more regularly, this may not be the best dentist in Edmonton for you.

Similarly, you might say “I need a dentist near me” but if you find the right dentist for you and it requires some light commuting, how often you need to go will factor greatly into whether you’re prepared to sign on or not. Our dental clinic in Windermere sees patients from all areas of Edmonton and its surrounding areas.

If you have a history of severe anxiety during dental procedures, you may find it necessary to seek a dentist who offers oral sedation or IV sedation during treatment. Some dental offices offer laughing gas as well as benzodiazepines, while some will only offer one or the other. If you have a history of use or a preference for either, be sure to confirm that it will be available through your new dentist.


Are you planning to investigate dental implant procedures or cosmetic dentistry with your new dentist in South Edmonton? Not every Windermere dentist offers these services. Be sure to ask about this when you speak with the potential new clinic.

Ratings And Referrals

When you’re looking for a new dentist in southside Edmonton, learning about other patient’s experiences can be helpful as a ‘snapshot’. For example, ten bad ratings out of fifty reviews is more relevant than ten out of five thousand.

When looking for reviews, begin with a Google search of the clinic’s name. If you haven’t got a clinic in mind, you could use search terms like “best-rated dentist in southside Edmonton”.

People who know you well and whom you trust can sometimes be a great source of information and referrals to a clinic that will suit your needs. You could get significant insight about wait times, fees and chairside manner by talking to friends or family about the clinics they recommend.


Websites can offer lots of information about a clinic and the services that they provide. Many websites will answer the majority of your immediate questions and remaining questions can be answered when you contact the clinic directly.

You can call or walk-in to a dental clinic any time during operating hours to ask questions or request consultations. When you book a consultation with your potential dentist, be sure to come prepared with any questions you might have about the practice. The consultation is an opportunity to interact with the dentist and the team to determine whether the clinic is a good fit for you.

A Note On Dental Emergencies

If you do not have a dental clinic and you are looking for a new one due to infection or other painful conditions, it is essential to see an emergency dentist to have this addressed as soon as possible. Do not wait to consult with a new dentist before getting treatment if the consultation is more than a day away. Dental infections can have serious repercussions and lead to permanent damage to bone and other structures that support the mouth.

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